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Thomas Kirtley
(Owner | Cinematographer | Photographer)

     Ever since he was younger, Thomas was always interested in moving pictures. He wanted to capture these very special moments in life, and make them last forever. While he too was fascinated by movies growing up, he would sit and continue to watch the behind the scenes specials while his brothers and sisters would be done once the credits began to roll. He was lucky to find an intern job in the film industry, working on a variety of exciting projects spanning across many genres and formats. 
     Thomas continued his education to get his Bachelors degree in digital cinematography, as well as completing his part 107 requirements to become a certified drone pilot. His dream of owning a production company has finally come to fruition. 

TAK Productions LLC is here for all your videography needs!

Weddings | Corporate | Commercials | Real Estate | Music Videos

Bio: Bio
Jesse Duncan

Jesse Duncan grew up in a small town in Missouri and found his passion working in the theater at his local high school. After graduating high school he joined the United States Marine Corps; Spending 4 years in the service to eventually pay for his college degree in his passion of film making. Jesse currently holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production.

Bree Mayes
(Photographer | Marketing | Cinematographer)

Bree Mayes is a Chicago native, photographer and videographer of six years currently studying Film Production at Full Sail University to acquire her MFA. She has a BA in Mass Communications from Rust College (Holly Springs, MS). Bree has experience in social media marketing, brand marketing, and artist development/marketing. Along with marketing experience, she also enjoys painting and creating multimedia art.

Alejandro Escalona Briceno
(Producer | Cinematographer | Photographer | Marketing)

Alejandro Escalona Briceno is from Venezuela. He is a Journalist and has experience Directing, producing and writing short-films with lower budgets. In his last project he was the producer. He started his journey in 2012 when he decided he want to be a filmmaker. He has worked as a director in two short-films, a producer in another two, and as writer and DP in one other.

Ahmari Williams
(Marketing | Cinematographer | Photographer)

Ahmari Williams is a highly accomplished marketing professional. She has quality experience in event

management, live show coordination, and employing strategic content marketing expertise to manage large trade shows, lead several strategic initiatives, and execute numerous special projects to meet business objectives. She has leveraged her expertise in hospitality, marketing, and live production to effectively organize million-dollar events and trade shows. Ahmari has driven increased client engagements through seamless vendor management. She brings a passion for the entertainment world to the TAK Productions team. Ahmari’s skills have been proven to serve as a backbone to the growth and success of any organization she is involved with. 

Zandler Chavez
(Photographer | Editor)

Zandler Chavez, Chandler with a Z! Comes to us from the West Coast with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater arts. He is currently studying at Full Sail University to acquire his MFA in Film Production.  He likes to capture stories of people, and is currently developing his skills as both a cinematographer and editor to become a more well rounded media creator.

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